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We move people. That is our mission. But it is more than that! We also support and provide social activities within our sports community. During the holidays we take good care of your children. Elderly people can meet with like-minded persons in our halls and you can book our rooms and restaurant for your birthday or other parties. Just tell us what you are planning!

Holiday care

The parents are relieved and the children play and learn 

Spend your school holidays with Bremen 1860!

Every pupil has already experienced it: the excitement at the end of every last school day, the impatience for the time to run down and the permanent checking of the watch. Most children do not even notice the teacher’s well-meant “Enjoy your holidays!”. The school bell rings and school’s out for summer!

For the children it is then time for hobbies and activities with their families and friends. But a lot of parents do not have the luxury of entirely dedicating their time to their children. They do not get as many holidays as the little ones. And children quickly get bored while doing the same things over and over again. So, somebody else will have to take care of the children and draw their attention to new activities every day. That someone is us!
Since the summer of 2008 we inspire children and help parents with a new and extensive program of holiday care that – until today – is unique in Bremen. Every weekday during the holidays in Bremen (except for the Christmas holidays) we provide several activities for children between 7 o’clock in the morning and 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

The children enjoy sports, games, workshops and relaxing times that are suited to their age and needs. They adopt new skills, which lead to getting to know their body better as well as to more self-esteem. They spend their time with friends or make new ones, and they learn how to act and behave in a community always guided by our highly qualified and specialised staff.

Every child is welcome – no matter which school it attends or in which quarter the family lives. If you have questions just contact us during our opening hours!

  • Ulrike Schulze

The restaurant “cool-down”

Tasty small dishes such as creamy tomato or pumping soup enjoy our athletes and members since Ulrike Schulze took over our restaurant in 2013. For everybody who is up for something a little more solid she also prepares sausages, meatballs, fried or scramble eggs or fried potatoes with onions and bacon. Additional to the continuous meals there are daily changing specialties. Choosing the ingredients for her dishes Ulrike always pays attention to seasonal availabilities!

That includes different salads and sandwiches, which are all provided for reasonable prizes. Starting the day during the week at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, a good choice of cakes and hot beverages stands ready for the customers.

On Saturdays and Sundays normally the “cool-down” is closed – exceptions are made. During the past couple of years Ulrike and her team catered a variety of events during the weekends, such as brunches, birthday parties and wedding-eve parties. And you can have them really big! In the restaurant itself up to 50 people can have an enjoyable time. Including the terrace there is even place for 150 people in total! You can also create an all-round success for your child for example, if you book our “Kinderbewegungszentrum” (KBZ) for a couple of hours for your son or daughter and his or her friends and afterwards enjoy a delicious meal - suited for children - that Ulrike provides. Hosting your child’s birthday party has never been so easy! If you want to know more just contact Ulrike directly in the restaurant from Monday to Friday from 2 o’clock in the afternoon to 11 o’clock in the evening or ring her under 0151-26862436.

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Elderly circle and fellowship

People at the age of 60 and higher are welcome to join our activities for elderly circle, which has the motto: Nature, culture, conviviality and activities! Our offers include highlights of our program “Trips and events 60+” as well as longer lasting excursions and themed events. To take place in our trips, speeches and other offers you have to be a member of Bremen 1860. Nonetheless, if you would like to bring a friend or just get a first taste of what we do, you can buy a guest ticket in our office during our opening hours.

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Space rental

Our terrain in Baumschulenweg in Schwachhausen includes 16 sports halls, two modern training classrooms, two beach volleyball fields and a grass field. With that sort of equipment we can help you to realise a great variety of events starting with your or your child’s birthday party up to big sports events and seminars. In combination with booking our restaurant you get the whole package. Just ask us for an estimate! To book the “Kinderbewegungszentrum” please contact:

Ms Imke Makatowski
Phone: 0421-2025248 (AB)

For all remaining bookings please contact our office.